We offer Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal treatment.  

Skin Rejuvenation is the collective name used to treat sun damage, freckles, sun spots, pre-mature ageing, pigmentation marks and enlarged pores.  In addition it also treat the appearance of redness, Rosacea and facial thread veins.  Elize has performed over 15 000+ SR treatments to date for skin imperfections, round 20 000+ individual facial thread vein treatments and approximately 2000+ treatments for Rosacea and facial redness.  1-3 treatments is necessary for the desired result.  The treatment is customized by obtaining the correct skin type 1-3, skin tone and correct pigmentation/ thread vein thickness.

Hair Removal :   Elize Gay offers hair removal with confidence, having performed more than 35 000+ practical hair removal treatments to date.  To optimize results in a a short period of time, we customize the treatment every time by adjusting the energy setting for each skin type, skin tone and hair thickness.  Usually a course of 6 treatments is recommended, 4-6 weeks apart.

We use the Ellipse Flex Medical Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) System  to achieve the desired results.

The customized hair removal treatment can treat skin types 1-3 , all skin pigmentation (light to heavy), including all hair thickness (fine to thick hair). The increased energy helps to optimize results in a short period of time.